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Primary Booster 5 6 years


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The Begin Bright Primary Booster programme aligns with the national curriculums. The programme is designed to support children in their first year of primary school by reinforcing and extending learning based on their schoolwork.

Through a combination of group, one on one, and independent work, children obtain a good foundation of reading principles while also reviewing single sounds, blend sounds and then introducing sight words, punctuation and writing.

In Mathematics, this programme focuses on understanding concrete concepts behind the abstract questions. At this year level, children can connect names, numerals, and quantities for numbers. We encourage fluency in counting sequences, adding and subtracting, and developing problem-solving skills.

Our programme ensures that learning really sticks by revisiting essential skills, strategies, and content at different times of the year.

Each lesson includes

  • Weekly Literature study with universally loved books like “The Rainbow Fish”
  • Hands-on, fun activities linked to reading and writing skills, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths), subjects and the arts
  • Learning resources
  • Craft and movement activities
  • Fun literacy and numeracy games
  • Letter sounds and phonemic awareness
  • Activities to do at home

Primary Booster Programme


Our main goal for children who attend our Tutoring programmes is that they feel happy and confident.

Whether your child is looking to improve or extend themselves in their learning, we believe every child should reach their potential.

Begin Bright primary years educational programmes can help any student from the very early stages of literacy through to textual analysis and confidently expressing their views in their writing. Similarly, Begin Bright programmes can help your child in their mathematics development journey from telling the time through to advanced multiplication scenarios.

Our programmes are taught in learning stages that align with school curriculums to help support children throughout primary school.

When children start tutoring at Begin Bright, they are assessed individually to discover what makes them tick, what they enjoy, and what they don’t. Doing This allows us to help each child based on their values and offer appropriate and engaging exercises.

We work with parents, teachers, and allied health professionals to create an individual learning plan to ensure every child achieves their full potential and grows in confidence.

Begin Bright locations offers a variety of class types for tutoring. You have the choice of your child learning in an individual or a small group session, ensuring that all children receive individual attention.

Primary Tutoring

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