About Begin Bright
Developers of Educational Programmes

 Begin Bright – developers of children’s educational programmes since 2008.

Begin Bright was founded in response to an identified gap in children’s learning between the early years, the transition to school and ongoing support of primary school learning. It has become a leading children’s education programme provider across Australia and New Zealand. Begin Bright has helped over 25,000 children start school happy and confident. 

Aligned with National Curriculums, the Begin Bright programmes encourage childhood discovery and exploration and help develop, improve, and extend children’s literacy and numeracy skills.

Begin Bright programmes foster a sense of enjoyment putting creativity, discovery, and fun back into learning. Our programmes build confidence to enhance children’s educational journey and create a lifelong love of learning.

Developers of educational programmes and resources for children

Our programme range includes:

  • Early years,
  • School readiness,
  • Primary and
  • S.T.E.M and Art extracurricular programmes

All the Begin Bright programmes are easily adapted for delivery through our network across various regions, environments and platforms.

Established in 2008, Begin Bright has grown to have locations across Australia and New Zealand. In 2016 Begin Bright was acquired by the Cognition Education Group.

Begin Bright Educational Programmes

Our programmes

Begin Bright has developed a range of fun, interactive early education, tutoring and extra-curricular programmes as well as resources for children aged 2 to 12, giving them the best start to learning. 

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