Meet the newest member of the Begin Bright network – Bryant Tan.

Begin Bright is excited to welcome Bryant to our network as the newest Begin Bright licensee.

Bryant took over Begin Bright At Sorrento in July, which is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Begin Bright is excited to support Bryant as he starts his journey as a Begin Bright licensee.

I graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting, and I’ve been working as an accountant while managing my own business in Sydney. I have five years of experience in the education industry in managing tutoring centres as well as training and hiring teachers.

I have a real passion for communicating with young children and their parents, and what motivated me the most is to see kids walking out of our classrooms happy, smart and confident. What I love about the business is being able to build a deep and positive relationship with the parents as well as our team of teachers. 

I love the Begin Bright Programmes. They give students an extra boost in the key learning areas of literacy and numeracy with various interesting and meaningful activities, which perfectly aligns with my teaching method, which is learning through play.

It is all about getting engaged with the community in Sorrento and giving it back to the community. At Begin Bright at Sorrento, we hope to bring a smile to anyone that walks into our centre while offering top-notch, quality programmes and classes. It brings tremendous satisfaction when we see kids thrive and learn, and it is a true pleasure and honour for us to be a part of their learning journey. As the saying goes, learning is a life-long journey, and we genuinely welcome parents who wish their kids to excel and grow to be a part of our team. Not only that, but we also ensure that our tutors are fully qualified and experienced. The most important thing is that we have created a loving and vibrant environment to make sure that students enjoy their classes as much as possible.

My plans for Begin Bright at Sorrento are to build and create an environment where kids genuinely benefit from our programmes. I look to expand the business even further (maybe through opening a second centre on the Gold Coast) within the next 3-5 years. For me, it is all about providing quality education and service to the community that we live in, and we pride ourselves on always putting a smile on people’s faces.

You can contact Bryant and the team at Begin Bright At Sorrento here