Begin Bright knows and appreciates not all children are the same. Each child has their own unique way of learning, with an individual set of ideals and priorities and learns in their own time. It is essential to understand these differences and accommodate them.

Generally, there are seven different ways an individual can learn. Naturally, these vary from person to person, and some people use various aspects of a few. 

Visual learners  

These learners learn best using pictures, images, diagrams and multimedia.

Aural learners

These learners are great at listening and learning. They learn well using rhymes, sounds, music and lyrics.

Verbal learners 

Verbal learners work well with writing and speaking techniques. Reading books and texts is an excellent method for verbal learners. 

Physical learners 

These individuals learn well using physical objects or role play. They have excellent body awareness and work well with hands-on activities. 

Solitary learners 

Learning by themselves is the best method for solitary learners. Modelling the techniques or information works well; some ideas for learning are to use diaries, videos and voice recordings. 

Social learners 

Working with others and as a team is great for these learners. They learn well through interaction and role play. 

Logical/ mathematical learners 

The last type of learner is great with reasoning and calculating. They work well with procedures, lists, puzzles and logic games. 

What learning style do you think your child uses?

What do you notice about the way your child likes to learn?

What activities do they prefer? 

At Begin Bright, our programmes are adaptable to the individual learning styles of all children. We use many different activities to teach different concepts, through games, reading, writing, using concrete materials, crafts and many more.

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