What class is right for my child?
Children’s ages guide our Begin Bright Early Years and Early Primary programmes, so it’s easy to find the class your child should be in. However, we know that children develop and grow in their own time. Your nearest location can advise you on which class will best suit your child.  

2 – 3 years old – Play With Purpose is the perfect start to your child’s learning journey

3 – 4 years old – Our foundation class introduces children to a fun classroom environment and early learning concepts.

4 – 5 years old – School readiness is perfect for children starting school the following year.

5 – 6 years old – Primary booster is specifically designed to support children in the first year of school.

How long is a class, and how often do children attend?
Class times vary between locations. Generally, each class is 1 to 1 1/2 hours, and children attend at least one class weekly. Classes usually run to school terms.

How many children are in a class?
Generally, there is a maximum of 8 children to ensure individual attention for each child.

Can my child attend more than one class a week?
Yes! Your child can attend one or more classes depending on availability at your preferred location.

I don’t think my child is ready for the next level. Can they stay at the level they are in?
Yes! Children all mature and learn at different stages. If you feel your child isn’t ready for the next level, they can stay at the level they are in. Your location will be able to give you more advice on what stage your child is at and when they are ready to advance to the next level.

There isn’t a suitable time in my preferred centre’s timetable.
Please get in touch with your preferred location to enquire about availability. They can often open new classes depending on demand or add you to a waiting list.

How do I know if my child is ready to start school?
Parents often have anxiety about whether or not their child is ready for school. Please have a quick read of our checklist, or talk to your location about your child. They can help you assess your child’s readiness for school and discuss how they will benefit from the Begin Bright School Readiness programmes.

Do I need to start classes at the beginning of the year or wait for the next term?
You can start classes anytime, and your child will still benefit from the programme. Concepts are regularly revised to ensure that learning sticks!

Do children have to attend for the entire year?

While we encourage you to attend for the entire year to gain the best benefit from the programmes, children will still benefit from attending part of the programme.

I’m unsure how my child will go. Can I try a class?
Children love our programmes, but parents can be worried about how their children will go, especially if they are leaving them for the first time. Most of our locations offer a free trial class to try the programme but please consult your nearest location as to availability.

How is your programme different to what is delivered in childcare centres?
Our programmes complement childcare and can help bridge the gaps between play-based early years programmes and the more structured learning of primary school.

My child has some learning difficulties, is the programme still suitable for them?
Our small groups ensure that each child receives individual attention. Our small groups aren’t overwhelming and will help children gain confidence and learn to work with others and build independence, ensuring they have a happy transition to school.

Do I need to stay for the class?

We encourage parents in our Play With Purpose programme to stay and engage with their child’s learning and help them to complete the activities. In our other programmes, we encourage you to leave your child to help build their confidence and become familiar with being left in preparation for the transition to school. Our locations are usually close to shops, so you can grab a coffee or complete errands (child-free) while your child attends the programme.

My child already knows their letters and numbers. What will they gain from the programmes?

School readiness is more than letters and numbers. Our programmes introduce letter sounds and help children connect the sounds to letter shapes giving them the building blocks to learn to read once they reach school. They include numeracy games that introduce patterns, recognising and manipulating quantities (adding and taking away), subitising (looking at a group of objects and knowing how many there are without counting), and problem-solving. They build confidence by growing children’s abilities, they learn to work together in groups as well as individually, and they learn to follow instructions and to look after their things. All these skills will help them to gain early foundations for ongoing learning and help them to have a happy and confident start to school.

What types of activities will they do in the class?

Children will participate in various fun and engaging hands-on activities, including early literacy and phonemic awareness, early numeracy, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), music, and arts and craft. Each lesson focuses on a letter and number with activities based on these.