With many regions back into lockdown, parents are again having the prospect of supporting their children with online learning for school. It can be a stressful time, with parents trying to juggle work and keep a stable environment for their children.

To help make the transition to online classrooms as smooth as possible for your child, here are our top tips for online learning:

🌟 Headphones

Use headphones to eliminate unwanted background noise and distractions to help your child to stay focused. Please make sure they are an appropriate size, comfortable and suitable for children (not too loud).

🌟 Toileting and snacks

Check if your child needs to go to the toilet or is hungry and would like a snack before commencing a lesson to avoid losing any time during the session and allowing them to focus.

🌟 Device set up

Ensure that the device is set up correctly for the class (have a trial, so your child knows what to expect and what buttons to push). Turn off notifications, so there are no distractions during the class.

🌟 Battery Life/ Power

If using a laptop computer or tablet device, make sure it is fully charged or connected to a power source.

🌟 Equipment

Ensure you equip your child with some basic stationery, such as: writing pencils, coloured pencils, scissors, lined writing paper (as appropriate to age), blank paper, and scrapbook or display folder. Check with their teacher to see what they will need for each session.

🌟 Workstation

Set up a designated work area in a room or space that is generally quiet and free of distraction. Make sure the chair and desk height is adjusted correctly for your child.

🌟 Printing

Print any resources/documents that your teacher has sent you for that specific session before the lesson starts.

🌟 Supervise

Relax with a coffee and take a break but stay close by in case they have any technical troubles or need your help.

🌟 Review

After your child’s session, discuss their work with them, ask them questions and celebrate their efforts. Continue to reinforce the concepts they have learnt in everyday life and go over what they can remember from the previous lesson before the next one to ensure the learning really sticks.


Whether it’s a classroom session with their schoolteacher or a Begin Bright online programme class, ensure your child is comfortable and well equipped to learn. Doing this will allow them to focus on their lesson and help them to continue to be a happy, smart and confident learner.



Begin Bright programmes have been supporting children from 3 to 12 years-old for over ten years. We continue to assist the children with a variety of ways to access our learning programmes including online, face to face and Begin Bright At Home.