Daily challenges will help spark reading inspiration in children and build their literacy skills. We know that reading can be fun and open up a whole world of new ideas and experiences for children. It can allow them to escape their day to day, relax or use their imagination and go on an adventure, even if it’s only between the pages of a book.

There’s plenty of evidence to support that the more children read, the better their literacy levels and ongoing learning success. But sometimes, children need a little bit of encouragement, and that’s where Begin Bright can help!

We’ve put together a reading challenge that is out of this world! Daily challenges to help spark reading inspiration in children and build their literacy skills. Children can cross off the challenges as they complete them on our challenge sheet, record the books they read, complete a book review, and there’s a certificate when they have completed the challenge.

Our challenge is easy to do. Simply follow these directions

  • Print the challenge sheet, book record and book review
  • As you do the challenges, mark them off on the sheet
  • Write down the books you have read as you finish them
  • Write a review of your favourite book, and we’ll share it on our social pages
  • When you’ve completed the challenge, print your certificate and get mum or dad to sign it
  • Congratulations on becoming a Begin Bright Out Of This World reading champion.

We love sharing! Don’t forget to tag us on social media or you can email your book review to marketing@beginbright.com.au and we’ll share it on our pages.



Wondering if your child is at the reading level they should be at or might need a bit more support? Begin Bright programmes can help! Find your nearest location and get in touch to see how our programmes can support your child’s literacy and help them to be a happy, smart and confident reader.