Keep your little learner busy with Begin Bright’s Easter craft activity.

Find all the instructions here to make this cute chicken in an egg card.

You will need:

  • A4 plain paper
  • Yellow paper (optional)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencils, textas, crayons, paint or stickers

Fold the A4 sheet of plain paper into thirds, with a smaller section at the top and a larger section at the bottom

Cut out an egg shape from the folded paper, making sure not to cut through the fold at the top and bottom.

.Decorate the front of your egg using pencils, textas, crayons, paint or stickers – whatever you like best!

Using patterns or lines will help build your child’s fine motor and pencil skills 

Cut out two circles and two wing shapes from the yellow paper or download, print and cut out our  Chicken template.

Glue the shapes together to make a chicken shape. Use other pieces of paper to make the eyes and beak or you can draw them on.

If you are using the template you can skip this step.


Glue the chicken inside the egg shape.

You can write a special Easter message too!

Tada! Your special Easter egg card is finished!

Happy Easter!


Cute chicken in an egg card activity to make

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