Just found out about the Easter Hat Parade?

Need to pull something together quickly and easily?

Don’t worry. We’ve collated over 50 ideas that are sure to get you out of trouble.

From Be a Fun Mum:

  • Plastic plate bonnet
  • Plastic Plate Easter Character Bonnet
  • Ice Cream Cup Easter cap

From Babyology

  • Paper plate Easter crown
  • Newspaper Easter bonnet
  • Bunny ears cap
  • Easter swagman hat
  • Random objects added to a straw hat Easter hat

From Bright Star Kids

(They have 20 ideas, so these are our favourites)

  • Floral bunny ears headband
  • Paper plate rabbit ears
  • Rabbit hair bun
  • Carrot hat
  • Chickens on a hat

From Better Homes and Gardens

Another 10 ideas, but these are the ones we like

  • Easter bunny party hat
  • Confetti crown
  • rabbits in the garden
  • Easter streamer headband
  • Fluffy easter bunny mask

From Ella’s list

  • Upside-down bunny hat
  • Frying pan and egg hat
  • Egg carton hat
  • Flower pot hat
  • Giant tissue paper pom pom hat

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in our list. Enjoy this special time being creative together with your kids. 

Happy Easter!