Begin Bright programmes have always supported children and their families with the ongoing mission to help children become happy, smart and confident learners, and that is now more important than ever.

We are currently in unprecedented times, parents are having to juggle working (or not working), financial stress and disrupted schooling for their children with little or no guidance. Some schools have returned to normal while others are facing the prospect of continuing online learning. This is a disruptive and confusing time for children, and it can be challenging to know where to go for help or advice if your child is not coping. Trust your instinct and seek help early.

Begin Bright are working together with families during this time to alleviate anxiety around whether they are doing enough to support their child’s learning needs.

Begin Bright programmes offer a wide range of learning options to suit all situations and timetables. We have now introduced virtual classrooms where your child can have a live individual or small group session with their teacher at a time that suits you. Some of our centres can offer classes in the centre while strictly following government hygiene and distancing guidelines. And we have also introduced a new preschool school readiness programme, Begin Bright At Home for parents to help prepare their children to start school at home.

Some of the ways Begin Bright programmes can support children’s learning are:

Individualised lessons

Learning in our programmes can be specifically catered to your child’s developmental pace. Begin Bright’s teachers can thoroughly explain concepts to your child that their teacher may not have time to go through. We can take as much time as needed until your child is confident to move on to the next item.

Qualified teachers

All our teachers are qualified with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the regional school curriculum. They have a breadth of knowledge of teaching children of all abilities. They understand current learning methods (that might be different to when you went to school) and have the tips and tricks to make learning them fun for children.

Supporting prescribed curriculum

Our teachers can work with your child to provide support in completing worksheets or activities that have been provided by your child’s school. We will ensure they understand these new concepts thoroughly by applying the idea to other scenarios.

Advanced learning

We can extend your child’s learning and provide them with useful, challenging materials that will keep them engaged.

School Readiness

If your child has missed daycare, kindergarten or preschool, our School Readiness Programmes can help bridge the gap and prepare them for the big step to primary school. Influenced by both the Early Years Learning Framework and the school curriculums, our programme helps to boost confidence and give children the vital skills necessary for the best start to school.

Staying connected

Your child needs to have enthusiasm for learning, especially if time with the classroom teacher is limited. We will make learning fun and provide that consistent, structured routine that your child needs during these uncertain times.


Our qualified teachers are very experienced in a wide range of learning needs and abilities. They can work with you and your child as well as allied health professionals and their teacher to boost children’s belief in themselves during this time ensuring when they return to school properly; they are happy, smart and confident!


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