Welcome to Begin Bright Education UK

Begin Bright provides a range of fun, interactive early education and tutoring programmes and resources for children aged 2 to 12.

Our preschool and primary school programmes have been proudly supporting Australian and New Zealand children with their learning for over ten years.

We are now excited to be introducing our much-loved programmes to the children of the UK! With the ongoing pandemic, it's now more important than ever to support children's education.

Designed by leading educational experts, our programmes support children from the very early stages of education, their transition to school and through their primary school years. Begin Bright is passionate about helping children to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Incorporating all levels of STEM, maths and literacy through fun, engaging activities, as well as social and independence skills – Begin Bright programmes are the key to creating happy, smart and confident learners.

We offer children the very best start to learning!

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For Parents

Begin Bright Programs are designed to make learning fun! Written by education experts from across Australasia, our programs for 3 to 12 year old are hands-on, age, and stage appropriate while giving children support and guidance with literacy, mathematics, and science.

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Business Opportunities

We're expanding into the UK now and are looking for business partners and network providers. If you’re seeking to teach a leading educational program for pre-schoolers and primary aged children or start a business in education then joining the Begin Bright network could be the right fit for you.

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Fun and stimulating classes.

My 4 year old loves it and I could see an improvement in her writing and letter/number identification.

I find I’m learning more about letter sounds too!



I put in my two boys at the age of 2 & 3 they had no idea how to even hold a pencil...

My eldest is writing his name and knows loads of sounds and letters...

My youngest now knows his colours and counts nearly to 20 & also recognises letters

and sounds...

The program is truly amazing I would highly recommend it for any child at any age!



Working with a child and seeing them absorb information and grow in confidence through the early years of learning is the most amazing and rewarding experience!