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Since 1989, Cognition Learning Group has been focused on giving educators from all walks of life new ways to inspire their students. Starting out working in the New Zealand school system, the Group has developed into a leading global education services and learning solutions provider. Now, we cover a range of sectors including public, private and not-for-profit organisations, with six international offices dedicated to delivering our products in over thirty countries.

Each of our companies within our Group offers tools to cater for a variety of learning environments. From giving kids the best start in life, all the way to supporting Governments to improve their education systems. We proudly provide expert professional development to teachers around the globe, as well as co-ordinate transition programmes for those who wish to change career and retrain as a teacher. We even up skill staff via the latest digital training techniques. All around the world, we help people learn at every level. What unites us is our desire to use education to transform lives.

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Cognition Education Group
Begin Bright
Cognition Education

Transforming lives through learning

“When children, young people, adults and businesses are equipped with the right knowledge, they can succeed anywhere. That’s why we always encourage our people to be as extraordinary, pioneering and enterprising as possible – so together, we can deliver services that have the most positive impact and make the biggest difference for our clients now and in the future.

We believe in the power of learning, it has the ability to change lives, strengthen communities, build businesses and ultimately change our world.”

Tina Lucas, CEO Cognition Learning Group

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“We believe in the power of learning, it has the ability to change lives, strengthen communities, build businesses & ultimately change our world.”

Tina Lucas, Chief Executive Officer, Cognition Learning Group
Cognition Education Trust

We’re committed to active philanthropy, supporting and investing in innovative educational initiatives.

Cognition Education Trust is the owner and shareholder in Cognition Education Group and its subsidiaries. The commercial dividends generated Cognition Education Group fund the Trust’s programme of educational philanthropy.

The Cognition Education Trust’s mission is to improve the opportunities and lives of children and young people who are the future stewards of New Zealand’s social and economic well-being.

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