Meet 5-year-old Tatiarna and learn how the Begin Bright School Readiness Programme has made a difference to her learning.

Let’s talk about School Readiness with Tatiarna’s teacher, Melissa Dickson  

How long has Tatiarna been attending Begin Bright for?

Since Term 4, 2017.

What was her skill level before starting the Begin Bright School Readiness Program?

Tatiarna knew her letter sounds but needed to develop letter names. She could count to 10 and was learning to count to 20.

What progression can you now see with Tatiarna?

Tatiarna is progressing well. Most importantly, she is confident and really enjoys learning new things. She now knows all her letter sounds and names, and can also recognise all letters in the alphabet. Tatiarna can write her full name, count and recognise numbers to 100. She is now working on CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words, addition and subtraction. Tatiarna has completed our 4 5-year level and has now moved on to our 5 6-year level.


Let’s talk about School Readiness with Tatiarna’s Mum, Donna

What changes can you see in your child that you can attribute to the School Readiness Program?

She loves writing, we are always finding little notes from Tatiarna!

How does Tatiarna feel about Begin Bright?

She is very happy to go, she said to me once “at Rainbow School I am actually learning!”

What is Tatiarina’s favourite part of Begin Bright?

Her teacher, Melissa!

Why did you enrol Tatiarna into Begin Bright?

We enrolled Tatiarna because she showed a curiosity and want to learn.



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