Begin Bright recognises that all children develop at different stages. This is a general overview of milestones that children aged 4-years-old may be achieving.

I am 4-years-old! I’m learning to:

  • Write and recognise the letters in my name
  • Make marks that look like letters
  • Count to at least 20 and point to and count items in a group
  • Pronounce most sounds correctly ( s, w, and r sounds are a bit tricky)
  • Draw or copy basic shapes and crosses
  • Draw wavy lines across the page that look like lines of text to make “lists”
  • Put together a simple puzzle
  • Begin to use scissors purposefully
  • Stack a tower at least 10 blocks high
  • String beads or pasta to make necklaces
  • Pinch and shape clay or play-dough into recognisable objects
  • Start sorting things by size, shape, and colour
  • Compare and contrast by things like height, size, or gender
  • Understand abstract ideas like “bigger”, “less”, “later”, “ago” and “soon”
  • Stick with an activity for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Make up stories, sing silly songs, make up goofy words, and start rhyming
  • Follow simple, unrelated directions (“Go find your shoes and pick up that toy”)
  • Share, cooperate, be helpful, and take turns
  • Play with other kids and be without Mum and Dad


The Begin Bright School Readiness Programmes for 4 5 years are for me! Begin Bright can help children to achieve these milestones and set the foundations for future learning success.